About Us

Our professional activity is an integral part of our life, we put all our heart and a lot of time into it, but it is not an end in itself.
It is a way to achieve the life we want for our family: an existence respectful of Nature and its treasures, close to the values that are essential to us. To live better, with less. To know what is essential, to leave behind the unnecessary, to relearn self-sufficiency, to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of things.
We live as much as possible from what the Earth offers us, we raise our livestock, we make our dairy products, we cultivate our vegetable gardens. We have raised our children in the middle of nature, hoping to have opened their eyes to the essentials, teaching them to be self-sufficient as much as possible, teaching them to raise their own livestock, to cook, to forage, to self-build. We reject this neoliberal system that is blind to everything except immediate profits and the Holy Growth. Economic growth is not a prerequisite for well-being. You don’t need a university degree to see this. You just have to look objectively at the state of the world in which we find ourselves: Do you feel that it is getting better?
We are building a business on a human scale that we are passionate about. We don’t want to be the most publicized and we don’t want to own the largest forest products foraging company. We leave those “needs” to others. If money stopped existing tomorrow, we would probably be among the most satisfied.

We do not live off the land, we live with the land.
We are and we will remain true Artisans who offer you wild products. In our eyes, a quality artisanal activity, with a human face, can only be conceived on a small scale, in order to keep an optimal control over all our work.

On our scale, we act as concretely as possible to preserve our planet:
– we do not pick fragile or endangered species.
– Our dried products are not fumigated, irradiated or disinsectised.
– Our dried products are sold in bags made of 40% recycled paper.
– 1% of our profits are donated to environmental protection and consciousness.

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Catherine Jacob
Gérard Mathar
Côme, Ossyane and Jonas