Swollen-Stalked Cat fritters


Serves 4:

- Rehydrate the swollen-stalked cats in a mixture of lukewarm water and white wine for several hours.
- Prepare a marinade with a squirt of lemon, 150 ml. of grape pip oil, salt and pepper.
- Let the mushrooms marinade during the preparation of the batter.
- Prepare batter with following ingredients:
200 gr. of flour, ½ teaspoon of dry yeast, 1 egg, a tablespoonful of oil, salt and lukewarm water. Blend flour, yeast and oil; thin out with lukewarm water until you get a smooth batter. Add the slightly beaten egg white. Let stand 11/2 hour.
- Preheat fryer at 325 F; dip your mushrooms in the batter and cook in oil until the batter is golden brown. Let drip on an absorbent paper. Add salt before serving.