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Glabrescent Boletus


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28g (1oz) sachet of dried wild mushrooms.

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A mix that represents the Gaspesie's wilderness. In the package, you'll find glabrescent boletus! That's the way to add a touch of Automn to your meals!

This boletus has a tasty perfume of meat broth.

Drying is an old traditional conservation method known for centuries. Wild mushrooms intensify in flavour and aroma when dried.

They may be used in soups, stuffings and gratins. They're the perfect trimming for pastas, rice, potatoes, semolinas, ...

Their specific flavour informs us about the forest they come from, and brings us back to our roots. 28 g. of dried mushrooms amounts to about 300 g. of freshly picked mushrooms.

Soak in warm liquid (water, bouillons,...) for at least 30 minutes, then drain. Keep the liquid for flavouring your soups or preparing a sauce !

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